The YA Chronicles is an Australian YA-centric monthly box that celebrates the passion we all harbour for our favourite stories.

Co-run by two passionate YA readers (Alison, on the grumpy-looking person’s head; Rebecca, the grumpy-looking person – no picture speaks more clearly to our relationship), TYAC was created out of a desire to spread the YA book reading love in Australia.

Every month we endeavour to find a book with as diverse a cast of characters as possible (because representation is important), great writing (because how else will you fall into a story?) and exciting plot (to get your heart pumping).

Since beginning in 2015, we’ve found an incredible base of readers across Australia and New Zealand to share new, locally sourced books with. This has become the platform of voices we cater to and engage with, month to month.

TYAC has become what we hoped it would- a platform that allows us to shine a light on local authors, support the Australian publishing industry, and employ local small businesses.

Brought to you by two YA loving book nerds from Sydney, Australia, The YA Chronicles is the best gift to feed your bookish addiction. 

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